Mountain View Hospital pediatrics

The mission of the pediatric unit at Mountain View Hospital in Payson is to provide for the medical, psychosocial and developmental needs of children and their families in a safe and nurturing environment. Our pediatricians, nurses and other hospital staff are specifically trained in the medical, emotional and developmental needs of children. You can rest a little easier knowing your child will receive the highest quality care from a professional team noted for their compassion, dedication and commitment.

By choosing our pediatrics program, your child instantly gains access to some of the most talented pediatricians in Utah.

Mountain View Hospital takes family-centered care seriously, and actively invites parent participation and decision-making in the care of their children. We believe that you, the parent, are the most important voice in your child’s care and will provide you with the best treatment options possible.

What to expect from our pediatrics program

We currently have six private rooms located on the second floor of the hospital. All of our rooms have central monitoring, ensuring that your child is safe during their stay. The pediatric unit is an inpatient area that cares for patients from infancy to seventeen years old. Our patient population consists of a wide range of acute illnesses such as respiratory, dehydration, hyperbilirubinemia, trauma, surgical, etc.

Our pediatricians and nurses want to make your child’s stay as comfortable as possible, which is why our new pediatric unit boasts many amenities important in maintaining family dynamics. This includes a family kitchen, a bed in each patient’s room for family as well as a DVD player and a gaming system. We also have dietary menus tailored to the wants and needs of children.

If you believe your child is having a life-threatening medical emergency, do not hesitate – call 911 for emergency care.