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Mountain View Hospital offers a wide range of specialty cardiovascular services for adult patients with cardiac conditions that affect their heart and blood vessels. From testing and treatment to prevention and rehabilitation, our experienced and highly skilled staff is trained to take care of the unique needs of our heart and vascular patients.

Diseases and Conditions

Mountain View Hospital’s comprehensive program offers proven and innovative therapies for the following specific heart and vascular conditions:

  • Coronary heart disease (angioplasty, stenting)
  • Heart failure
  • Irregular heartbeat or arrhythmias
  • Heart attack and chest pain
  • Heart valve disease and disorders
  • Peripheral Vascular disease

The Faster. The Better.

When it comes to cardiac care, particularly during a heart attack, time and expertise matter.

  • Average door-to-balloon time is 68 minutes, well below the national standard of 90 minutes. This refers to the elapsed time from when a heart attack patient hits the door of the ER to when the catheter guide wire is inserted in the cath lab. The faster a heart attack patient receives care, the better the outcomes for the patient.
  • Emergency pre-hospital 12-lead EKG allows first responders to transmit patient's heart activity while in transit to Mountain View Hospital. The ER staff is better equipped with a treatment plan ready and a medical team assembled before the patient even arrives.