Technology to Help Diagnose Heart Attack Faster

Mountain View Hospital knows that diagnosing heart attacks faster saves lives. That's why our hospital emergency department physicians and cardiologists have partnered with local Utah County medical response teams to streamline heart attack diagnosis and treatment processes.

Heart attack victims in transit to Mountain View are diagnosed in the ambulance by pre-hospital 12-lead EKG technology.

This machine shows a full view of the heart and records its electrical activity, and transmits this information straight to the ER, allowing physicians to determine if a heart attack has occurred and where in the heart the damage is located. Our emergency staff and specialists have a treatment plan ready and a medical team assembled before the patient even arrives.

A heart attack victim diagnosed in an ambulance bypasses the emergency department triage process and goes straight to the cardiac catheterization lab, where a medical team stands prepared to insert a balloon to unblock a clogged artery. This streamlined process saves time and lives and helps to reduce long-term heart muscle damage.