Mountain View Hospital
October 12, 2016

Cecelia Rivas told her husband she needed to go to the local Walmart in Payson, but he told her he would go and she could stay. But she disagreed, and told him she was going and he could stay and watch the kids.

She felt her labor pains getting stronger at about 5:30 a.m. while she was checking out, so she made a point to get ready to leave.

But it was too late. Her water broke and the baby was coming. As she was paying, she could feel her baby’s head, and a woman grabbed her from behind, helping her to the ground. The woman got Rivas down, made the area clear and essentially prepped for delivery. Before too long, baby Matias was born.

This was Rivas’s third child and the labor was relatively short.

“The more babies you have, the faster your labors usually tend to go,” said Janette Barney, director of labor and delivery at Mountain View Hospital in Payson. “Monitor those contractions. If they’re becoming closer together and getting progressively stronger, that’s usually the biggest indicator for labor.”

Rivas and her baby, Matias Perez, were transported to Mountain View Hospital and are doing well, with a few minor concerns. Barney said Matias was placed on antibiotics when he and his mother arrived, primarily as a precaution.

Rivas and Matias will likely be released within a week once he has a clean bill of health. Then Matias can meet his two siblings, a 5-year-old sister and a 15-month-old brother.

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